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Youth Motivational Speaker -  Find and Fulfill Purpose with Jordan H. Davis

We must empower young people to play an active role in defining and pursuing the experiences that excite them.

The Problem

In the US, the overwhelming message around motivation and "self help" has largely been the same for decades: people should work hard to attain individual success, because challenging ourselves and living good lives is socially acceptable. This message that once worked no longer suffices. Students have lived through a global pandemic and experienced learning loss and social isolation. The popularization of "grind culture" causes burnout and feelings of inadequacy. Some students are attracted to the look of success and fail to pursue opportunities that provide real personal fulfillment and service to others. Apathy and obsession are both threats to the success of our young people. Elitism is no longer an acceptable driver for personal growth.

It's difficult for students to stay motivated when they have trouble connecting what they've learned inside the classroom to their lives outside of school. It's not enough to challenge students to "be their best selves" - students must be self-motivated to persist, graduate, be leaders, and live meaningful lives as adults. How do we communicate a message of resilience to students that speaks to how they see the world today? How do we teach students to be resilient and driven while valuing their physical and mental wellbeing?

How Jordan can help you and your audience solve it:

Jordan teaches students the importance of community budling and how they can support each other, because doing so contributes to the success of all students. Jordan's message touches on the following themes:  

  • Using problem-centered design as a motivator for academic and professional pursuits

  • Establishing healthy work-life balance, and how to maintain that balance in the face of adversity

  • Productive ways of navigating rejection

  • Using speculative design and backward design to be optimistic about the future 

  • Small "life hacks" for maintaining motivation (strategies for setting goals and priorities, tips for increasing self awareness)

Your audience will leave the keynote:


Inspired to make meaningful connections with one another - resilience is not a solo effort


Knowing what to do when they feel "stuck" or unmotivated for extended periods of time


Skills for maintaining a healthy work-life balance


Seeing themselves as designers of their own educational and professional experiences

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