• Jordan H. Davis

Introducing, The Ed Future Blog

There's a lot of vital information to share with students, parents, and educators. Here's why I'm sharing it now.

Let me explain

Admittedly, I believe the cliché that failure is life's greatest teacher. The last time I tried to do something like this - create a weekly/bi-weekly series of content - was my podcast, The JD Speaks Audio Experience. And it failed. That was in 2018. At the time, I did it because I felt like I should, not necessarily because I was passionate about podcasting.

But now I'm ready to start creating original content again. And in doing so, YOU, the reader, are my priority. This fall, I will be attending Georgetown University to pursue my M.A. in Learning, Design, and Technology. And let me tell you, as I prepare to start my program, I am fascinated by what I am learning so far, and there's a ton of important information that I want to share with the education community, not just about how to make wise decisions as a student, parent, and/or educator, but also about the ever changing landscape of higher education.

Over the past several years, as I've become more inquisitive about the inputs and outputs of American higher education, I've also engaged in long conversations with many people throughout the higher ed ecosystem about how to make college more valuable, accessible, and affordable. Well now, I'm acquiring the tools needed to form the answers to the most pressing questions in education. Below are just a few of the topics that I plan to address in these blogs:

  • What is the return on investment of college in 2021?

  • How to keep students engaged in the classroom

  • How to pay for college

  • Alternative college pathways, and how to take advantage of them

  • How to choose a college and/or major

  • Career readiness tips specifically for high school and college graduates (interview prep, resume & cover letter, and job/internship search)

  • And more

In addition to the topics above about higher education, I also plan to address topics related to public speaking, such as:

  • How to become a better public speaker

  • How to overcome public speech anxiety

  • How to start a professional public speaking business

  • And more

I surely wish that I had this information as I transitioned from high school to undergrad, but at the same time, I'm glad that I have the opportunity to learn about these topics as a mature graduate student with a bright future in higher education ahead of me. For this reason, I am sharing these valuable tips, research findings, and experiences with you, whomever you may be. My goal in this blog is to not only share some of what I've learned and will be learning about how to improve students' individual experiences, but to also highlight the societal importance of grappling with these topics. My audience members consist of the following:

  • High School Students

  • College Students and Recent Grads

  • Teachers

  • Parents of high school/college-aged children

  • Anyone who wants to expand their knowledge in the realm of higher ed

I named this blog Ed Future for 2 main reasons: 1) because the future of education is one of the overarching themes that will be discussed here, and 2) because I see myself and everyone who reads this as having an impact on the future of education.

I wish I could tell you how many times per month I plan to post a blog, but the honest answer is, I have no idea. Maybe once a week. Maybe once a month. But blogs will be posted, and eventually, I'll find a rhythm. For those who already engage with my content, THANK YOU, and welcome back. For those of you to whom I'm introducing myself, I hope you enjoy, engage with, and share this content.

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