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Signature Programs

The "Chart Your Path" Program: Designing Your Educational Career

Audience: College Students, High School Students

"Chart Your Path" is Jordan's most popular offering to high schools, colleges, and professional development organizations looking to prepare students for academic and career success. This message can be tailored to a range of students, from rising 9th graders to graduating college seniors. This offering can be easily integrated into a first-year orientation program or conference presentation slate. JD can get students excited about starting their college careers, or work with graduating seniors on crafting their professional narrative for post-graduation success.

Career Development

The Writing, Design, & Delivery Model for Public Speaking: A Workshop 

Audience: High School Students, College Students, Educators and Professionals

The impact of effective communication is invaluable in today's society; it can translate to increased team productivity, the mobilization of social movements, and personal and professional development, among many other manifestations. In this workshop, Jordan shares his secrets to impactful public speaking in 15 principles. If the focus of your group is more aligned with teaching and learning, Jordan will impart ways to engage in difficult conversations and communicate effectively across cultural difference.

Custom Programs

Every workshop or presentation that Jordan delivers is tailored to the needs of each unique audience, including the signature programs detailed above. You may be interested in having Jordan speak to your group about one or a combination of the topics below

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  • Solving complex problems through design thinking

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome

  • Overcoming the fear of public speaking

  • Prioritizing mental health while in school

  • Having constructive, difficult conversations across cultural differences

  • Navigating professional rejection 

  • The value of a college degree in 2023 - and how to maximize its returns

  • Youth leadership - how to lead your peers

  • Achieving academic success

  • Choosing your major

  • Personal branding for young adults

  • Professional networking

  • Effective interview tactics

  • Applying to graduate school



  • Strategies for motivating and engaging students

  • Inclusive Pedagogy

  • Course Design

  • Public speaking skills

    •  Inside the classroom: effective classroom communication, delivering engaging (and not boring) lectures, conversation facilitation

    • Outside of the classroom: presenting your research to the public, 

Reach out to Jordan to discuss how to best serve your group. Already know that JD is your speaker? Complete the booking form.

Jordan is looking forward to speaking with you!

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