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The "Chart Your Path" Program: Designing Your Educational Career

Audience: College Students, High School Students

"Chart Your Path" is Jordan's signature program, and is meant to galvanize and prepare students for their first year at their new level of education, whether that by high school (9th grade students) or college (first-year and transfer students). This 60-minute presentation can be easily integrated into a first-year orientation program, and will leave students motivated and eager to use the tools given by both Jordan and the institution to build their ideal educational experience. Jordan offers a compelling 45 minute presentation filled with student involvement, which is followed by a Q&A session.

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Career Development

"ASK": The Academic Success Kit

Audience: High School Students

Do you want to raise class GPAs, improve attendance, and increase student achievement across your school? Jordan has tailored the ASK program to help your high school improve in all three of these areas. Jordan begins this presentation by addressing why academic success is important, even for students who don't aspire to attend college. Then, he personally connects with your students by highlighting his own academic transformation. Lastly, Jordan gives practical self-assessment and study tips to help students improve their academic performance. 

The Writing, Design, & Delivery Model for Public Speaking: A Workshop 

Audience: High School Students, College Students, Corporate Professionals

Public speaking is one of the most feared activities in the world today, but is also one of the most sought-after skills in today's job market. The impact of effective communication is invaluable - which can translate to increased productivity in professional settings, closing the deal on a partnership with a potential client, or spreading a innovative idea across the world in a matter of minutes. In this 60 - 90 - minute workshop, Jordan shares his secrets to impactful public speaking in 15 practical principles. This workshop will be tailored to the needs of your group, regardless of the level or type of public speaking. 

Public Speakin Program

The Writing, Design, & Delivery Model for Public Speaking 

A free, downloadable public speaking instructional guide:

Used by communication educators to teach their public speaking courses. 

Used by students and speakers to improve their public speaking skills

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Interviews and Panels

Jordan is a seasoned interviewee and podcast guest where he's spoke on student success through a justice and equity lens. His appearances have included the Carroll Citizens for Racial Equality Annual Conference, The Beauty In Us Radio with Nelson E. Brown, Daily Path Podcast with Joe Winters Jr., and Let's Have This Conversation with Kevin McShan.

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