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Jordan's messages aren't lectures - they're learning experiences.

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About Jordan 

Jordan understands the challenges that today’s young people face: depression, anxiety, social media identity, job loss, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on social and professional development, and imposter syndrome, to name a few. He doesn’t project a “been there, done that” attitude – his relatability, empathy and positivity instills hope in his audiences.

Not only is JD a state champion speaker and national finalist, but his work and graduate studies at Georgetown University have equipped him with expert-level learning design skills that consider how humans learn best. He’s passionate about his craft, combining skillful speech delivery with engaged teaching principles.


Jordan’s messages aren’t lectures; they’re learning experiences. Each of JD’s workshops are audience-centered, allowing for questions, peer learning, and post-workshop reflection. When Jordan speaks, audiences listen and later apply what they’ve learned!


Jordan’s words have given students the confidence to network, ask about prestigious internships opportunities, and excel in big-time job interviews. His words have prepared scholars to present their research at conferences. His words have helped working professionals set goals for themselves and their teams that they couldn’t see before working with Jordan. 

The DMV is where JD calls home, and his community-based work is some of his most transformative work. Whether he’s giving a free public speaking workshop for incarcerated individuals pursuing their bachelor’s degree, or recording a personalized video for middle school students who used his strategies to improve their academic performance, JD consistently finds ways to give back.  


Here’s what one professor had to say about Jordan’s work with his students:  

“Jordan has done this phenomenal module [with my students] on navigating social hierarchies in public policy: how to give an elevator pitch; how to get into interesting conversations about politics, economics, business; how to make an opener and stand out as an introvert. I can recommend him to every single one of you if you have not had him in your class.” 

Jordan has a B.A. in Communication from McDaniel College, is a Project Coordinator at the Center for New Designs in Learning & Scholarship at Georgetown University, and is currently an M.A. candidate in Georgetown's Learning, Design, and Technology program. 

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