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Disrupting Status Quo
Narratives in Education

Educator development on inclusive teaching

JD's Work w/ Educators

Watch JD's Work with Educators!

JD's Signature Keynote: Disrupting Status Quo Narratives to Drive School-Wide Change

In this riveting keynote, audience members are blown away by Jordan's fresh lens on DEI work in education. Influenced by abolitionist teachings, JD crystalizes how harmful narratives that perpetuate grind culture, problematizing students, and bans on technology inhibit our ability to create fruitful learning environments for all students. He skillfully weaves research, popular culture, and practical tips into his talks to create "ah-ha!" moments for educators. He also shares his moving personal story along with compelling anecdotes from his years of faculty development experience.

Perfect for:

Education Conference Keynotes

District-Wide Teacher Professional Development

New Faculty Orientation

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JD's Workshops

JD isn't just an electrifying keynote speaker - he's also a skilled educator and workshop facilitator. Learn about his workshops for educators below

Trauma-Informed Teaching: Classrooms That Are Safe Enough to Be Dangerous
*Most Popular Offering*

In this workshop, attendees examine the relationship between academic rigor, educational equity and student wellbeing, and how all three can be maintained through trauma-informed practices. They'll critically analyze teaching scenarios related to trauma in the classroom, reflect on their own pedagogy, and brainstorm with other educators in the room about how to reimagine their classroom.

Make Students Talk! Keys to Classroom Dialogue

No more awkward class discussions! Attendees learn how to set up and facilitate culturally-relevant and dynamic classroom conversations. JD firmly believes that dialogue is one of the pillars of engaged pedagogy - students cannot thrive in classrooms that lack rich conversations. Educators also gain a new lens on student engagement in ‘the phone age' and rethink the traditional deficit-based narratives about student (dis)engagement.

Career-Based Pedagogy for Deeper Student Engagement

Mapping what students are expected to learn in the classroom to the skills they hope to learn and develop is crucial for student-centered instruction. Educators in this workshop learn career development frameworks to integrate into their teaching. They'll walk out with new ideas for assignments, assessments, and tools for collaboration that more closely align with the professional work that students aspire to do.

"Every Teacher Needs to Hear This"

- Attendee, MD Common Ground Educational Conference

JD holds an M.A. in Learning, Design, & Technology from Georgetown University, and a B.A. in Communication from McDaniel College 

Jordan H. Davis smiling while giving a speech on a large stage

Educator Testimonials

"Brave, authentic, revolutionary, new, interesting, challenging. The bit about phones and technology really resonated with me."
- Teacher, Catonsville Center for Alternative Studies
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