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Jordan H. Davis
Inspirational Education Keynote Speaker

Watch Jordan's Bio Video!

Jordan's Bio Video

Jordan H. Davis is among the top education keynote speakers in the US. A first-generation college graduate who became a TEDx speaker, educator and entrepreneur, JD gives students the inspiration and practical skills they need to succeed. Youth development is JD's specialty, but he also works with school leaders to create environments that allow students to learn and thrive.

Speech Topics


Diversity & Inclusion


Youth Leadership


Personal Development


College Readiness


Educator Development


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Some organizations that JD has partnered with

McDaniel College Logo - Client
TEDx logo
National Educational Telecommunications Association Logo - Client
Baltimore County Public Schools logo - client.
K12 Logo - Client
Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) logo - client

J. Ambrose, Director of Student Ventures, Johns Hopkins University

"Jordan has served as a go-to keynote speaker for large assemblies multiple times. He is dedicated to helping students figure out systems, dig deep, and find the motivation within to succeed."
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