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Meet Jordan

Jordan is a professional public speaker on inclusive education, effective communication strategies, and youth empowerment and wellbeing. While serving as a Project Coordinator for the Center in New Designs in Learning and Scholarship at Georgetown, Jordan organizes efforts to infuse topics of wellbeing into college course curricula 

Areas of Speech


Inclusive Education

Research shows that not all students feel seen and valued in today's classrooms, and as a result, outcomes are disproportional along the lines of race and ethnicity. Jordan's work in this area focuses on addressing student wellbeing in academic curriculum, treating students as agents of their own learning, and ensuring that racially minoritized groups have seats at tables where important decisions about their education are made.

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Public Speech Development

Jordan uses his public speaking instructional model - The Writing, Design, and Performance Model for Public Speaking - along with his 4+ years of professional public speaking experience to instill confidence and design skills in those who want to become stronger speakers. Jordan's audience for public speaking instruction ranges from high school students to corporate professionals 


Student Success and Personal Development

At just 17 years old, Jordan successfully developed the JD Speaks public speaking brand. He's also heald several campus leadership positions throughout his higher ed journey, and has received internship and public speaking offers from world-renowned organizations in the education industry. Jordan speaks to high school about career development, college readiness, entrepreneurship, and how to become effective student leaders in their school/campus communities


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Electrifying Keynotes 

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Transformative Workshops


Compelling Interviews

Toxic Masculinity - A Conversation with

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Lively Event Moderation

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School Assemblies

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