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Professional Development and Keynote Speaker for Teachers and Staff - Jordan H. Davis

Our educators are the soil for the trees that are our students. We must pour into our educators, for they are the ones that foster supportive, fruitful learning environments.

The Problem

In most educational settings, good teaching is encouraged at best. Policies and school leadership deprioritize teacher development, leaving educators burned out and underprepared. Some educators lack the pedagogical and technological skills needed to yield positive learning outcomes in today's classrooms. Applying teaching and learning theory to real teaching situations is crucial, and creating community among students who are still recovering from the social isolation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic can be a daunting task. How can we close opportunity gaps and improve student outcomes overall through good teaching?

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How Jordan can help you solve it:

Jordan works directly with educators and administrators to help transform their teaching, strengthen the curriculum, and improve their interactions with students. If your staff want new ideas for how to transform their classroom, need support around advancing their DEI initiatives, or yearn for a spark of motivation to continue their great work, JD is your speaker.

Other Topis that Jordan addresses:

  • Avoiding Staff/Faculty Burnout

  • Fears around ChatGPT and AI technology

  • Innovative course and program design

  • Effective DEI work in education

  • Addressing student disengagement

  • Better storytelling around your work with students and/or research

Your audience will leave the keynote:


Inspired to make meaningful connections with one another - good teaching is not a solo effort


With student success and wellbeing as the #1 thing on their minds


Understanding the changing landscape of student engagement and what's working in the classroom


Excited to walk into the classroom/office on Monday morning!

Watch Jordan's Most Popular Staff Keynote: 

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