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Inspirational Youth Speaker on Leadership and Service - Jordan H. Davis

Youth leaders are vital to the culture and climate of their communities. We must equip them with the leadership and design skills needed to create change.

The Problem


Today's most talented students are pressured to stuff their resumes with extracurriculars. Though these students are highly capable leaders, they sometimes lose the service orientation that is needed to create palpable, equitable change in their communities. Today, wellbeing, belonging, and a service orientation are indispensable characteristics of leadership at any level. How do we equip students to be effective leaders at the high school, college, and professional levels?

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How Jordan can help solve it:

As a learning designer by trade, Jordan asks questions that get leaders thinking about the needs of their audiences. Young people and their advisors will learn how to define goals for change, co-design a prototype, collect and asses data, and make a plan for scaling that change. Along with systems-level thinking, Jordan develops students in these personal and professional development areas: 

  • Overcoming imposter syndrome

  • Public speaking

  • Navigating power dynamics

  • Setting healthy boundaries while leading their peers

  • Working across diverse groups with varied interests

  • Storytelling and getting buy-in

  • Human-centered leadership

Your audience will leave the keynote:


Inspired to make meaningful connections with one another - leadership is not a solo effort


With helpful habits for continuing personal and professional development


More confident and ready to exercise their self-agency


Excited to apply for leadership positions at their current and future schools

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Jordan is looking forward to speaking with you!

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