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Student Speaker on College and Career Readiness - Jordan H. Davis

Among the stress and perplexity of preparing for college, we must get students to see the joy and benefits of this transition, while helping them see their ability to succeed at the next level.

The Problem

In the US, public discourse around the value of college has only amplified over the past several years. For most students, decisions around college are heavily influenced by financial factors, leading them to question the importance and value of a degree. Those who survive the summer melt and matriculate in the fall say that they expect high-level teaching and a supportive environment when they arrive to campus. Though some experience this, others do not receive the support they need. They feel academically unprepared and socially excluded from their peers, and are hesitant to use their available resources to persist. They feel that transferring schools or "stopping out" are their only options.

It is one thing to get students excited about college. It is another thing to help them matriculate,  graduate, and find good career opportunities post-graduation. How do we equip students with the academic skillset and self autonomy needed to succeed in and after college?

How Jordan can help you and your audience solve it:

Jordan - who isn't far removed from the college classroom himself - gives students an inside look at what they should expect at the next level. From academic preparation, to finding mentors, to student life and navigating campus resources, Jordan paints a clear picture of the college experience that gets students eager to learn more. After working with Jordan, students adopt a designer's mindset; they go into college with a solid plan for what they want to study, the experiences they want to have, and the things they'll create that will prepare them for their careers.

Jordan's message touches on the following themes: 

  • The value of college in 2023 (and how to maximize its returns)

  • Becoming a leader on campus

  • Identity formation and the first gen experience

  • Achieving academic success in college

  • Landing big-time internships and experiential learning opportunities

  • Career goal setting and professional networking

Your audience will leave the keynote:


Excited to start their college journey


With a process for designing their "post graduation playbook" for career success


Confident that they have the academic and social skills needed to succeed in college


Less stressed about difficult decisions like choosing a major and applying for jobs

A photo of Jordan holding a microphone and weating a grey suit, delivering a speech

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